Walker Thomas Solicitors are experts in the field of solicitors’ costs.

Over recent years the number of challenges to solicitors’ bill has increased rapidly, with a number of the “victories” against solicitors being reported in the national press. These challenges are not only limited to the traditional areas of assessment (the quantum of the bill), but also other areas such as the date the bill was delivered (which determines when time limits for requesting a detailed assessment run) and the right to render an interim statute bill.

We are experts in all areas of the Solicitors Act 1974 relating to Contentious Business and Solicitors Act Assessments. We are proud to act for solicitors and other business in cases relating to this niche area of costs law.

If you are a solicitor who has had your “legal fees checked” or a business who needs their solicitors’ costs reviewed then we would be delighted to assist. If you wish to speak with a member of the team please contact the office on 0207 842 1868 or email your enquiry to info@walkerthomas.co.uk.